Cruising the Murray River - a personal experience

By Michael Killackey.

Exploring the mighty Murray River is fascinating, from the wildlife to the scenery there is so much happening on the water. Of course cruising the river in such a luxurious houseboat adds to the excitement and possibilities and in my opinion there is no better way to see this part of Australia. When exploring the Murray River there is a multitude of places to park the boat on the sandy river banks so you can travel or set up camp as the mood takes you. Bella Casa Houseboats are suitable in all types of weather with the upper deck shielded from the wind and rain while the lower deck is completely sealed from the elements.

Whether you fancy a bit of fishing or gathering around a camp fire on the river bank, the opportunities available to you are endless. We found ourselves playing a game of hide and seek in the bush lands surrounding the river and for the entire week at no stage did we sit around wondering what to do next.

Looking at the weather forecast for the week we were travelling was daunting, rain, rain and more rain, ouch! Maybe we need to postpone the trip was my initial reaction, but I am so glad we followed through and experienced the week we had. As it turned out the rain had no effect on the holiday and at one stage we were soaking in the spa, beautiful and hot, while watching the rain bucket down. Although the weather forecast was terrible, for the majority of the trip we had sunshine and mild days, it rained on and off in bursts but at no stage did the weather affect the trip.

We travelled up and down the Murray River through the Port of Echuca, Moama and beyond covering about 40 km, once we moored the houseboat it was like living in a luxury villa unit, we played drinking games, board games, had a party where additional friends came on-board, tried catching a few Murray cod, had turns in the spa and had several BBQ's.

There is something magical about cruising the Murray River in a luxurious houseboat and if you were to split the cost between a few people it is relatively inexpensive compared to the experience. One week is a great holiday and time flies by so quickly, 2 weeks would have been even better. It would give your more time to travel further upstream and have a complete break from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Travelling along the Murray River, I couldn't help but notice the vast array of houseboats available. Most had fancy names and used the word luxury carelessly. Some elements of the boat might have been luxurious but in all seriousness, there were no better houseboats cruising the Murray and most importantly the price to hire a Bella Casa Houseboat is comparable to the lesser quality houseboats available.
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